Money Punch (Tyler's Monologue Project)

Character List:
-Cheng-A 14 year old boy who had to drop out of school to support his family
-Bi Binbin-A 25 year old man looking for a house to live in so he can go to college
-Xie Fuyuan-A 26 year old man looking for a job so he can afford to live in China and go to college
-Lay Yee-40 year old man who owns a factory and is Cheng’s boss
-Cheng’s Grandpa-A 85 year old man who is trying to buy fruit at the best price.

Monologue 1:
(This story is about Cheng, a 14 year old boy who quit school because of family troubles, he is currently in history class learning about World War 2.)

(Cheng starts to wake up and yawn)
(Rubs eyes and yawns again)
What are we talking about? 
Whats todays date again?
(Surprised look in his face)
March 23rd, 2006!?
(Teacher tells him to explain to the class about the Manchurian Crisis and is puzzled as to what that is)
And why and what do I have to go up there and give a summary about?
(Puts hands on head as if thinking hard and tries to remember what she’s talking about and realizes that he fell asleep yesterday in class also)
Ummm..oh Manchurian Crisis! 
(walks up to the front of the class and suddenly remembers learning about the Manchurian Crisis from his grandfather. Puts on a excited and confident face) 
The Manchurian Crisis was when the Japanese had control of part of Manchuria, China. 
The Japanese owned the South Manchurian Railroad and because of this they had Japanese soldiers constantly on patrol around the tracks and created a big community of business men in China.
This made the Chinese government furious, but they could not do anything because of a sanctions coming from outside of China that said Japan had the right to do that. 
Therefor, the citizens took action instead of the Chinese government by planting explosives on the railroad track and blowing it up.
The Japanese had already planned for this and used the explosion and ruining of the Railroad tracks as a reason to further invade South Manchuria.
That is what the Manchurian Crisis was. 
(Walks back to seat confidently and falls back asleep)

Monologue 2:
(This story is about Cheng, a 15-year old boy who had to drop out of school to work to support his family)

(Walks into his boss’ office)
Hey boss can I get a raise?
(responds to his boss’ asnwer in a concerned and surprised voice) 
Why not!? 
(Puts on a mad but respectful voice and explains to his boss how much he is making with his current pay) 
I’m making 10 yuan for every 1000 pens I make for christ sake! 
(Tells his boss just why exactly he is working for him and wants a raise) 
My family is in desperate need of money right now especially in this terrible economy. 
(Begins to talk about his grandmother’s condition and the trouble his family is in) 
My grandmother is sick with cancer and my family is so poor and this is the only job we have that is helping to put food on the table. 
(Cheng puts his hands in front of him like as if he is praying) 
So please I desperately need a raise especially due to the fact that I’m sure 1000 pens is worth more than 10 yuan, I’m sure of it. 
(Stares at his Boss who just walked up to him from his desk and puts on a concerned and scared face)
(Cheng falls to the ground after being punched by his boss and gets up with an angry and hurt face) 
Ow what was that for!?! 
(Raises his voice after his boss calls him selfish and accuses him of lying) 
What are you talking about selfish!? 
Lying, are you serious? 
Why would I lie about something that serious?! 
(Once he finishes his question he is punched again and falls back down. He continuously tries to get up but is punched by his boss and falls down again for the next couple seconds and spits out a little blood)
First off, (Points finger at his Boss) you charge me basically nothing and now your telling me that your not going to pay me for the next 5 batches of pens?!?!  
(Brings his hands down to waist level and out like as if he is handing out something or explaining something) 
Thats not work, thats slavery and abuse right there so you know what? 
(Puts his arms in the position The Thinker’s, the statue, arms are always in and ponders the thought of quitting but stops when he remembers that he is trying to support his mother and grandparents) 
Fine, I’ll do what you say but I still don’t see why I can’t have a raise.

Monologue 3 

(This monologue is about Xie Fuyuan, a 26 Year old unemployed migrant worker, who is having trouble finding work around town.)

(Xie is carrying 2 huge bags on his back full of his clothes, money, and food) 
Oh my god, this is so heavy but I’m finally here. 
(Places his bags outside the Ding-Dong Industries factory door and knocks on the door while trying to make himself look the best he possibly can for his possible future boss) 
Hello Mr. Ding-Dong, how are you doing today? 
(Puts on a big smile and shakes Mr. Ding-Dong’s hand) 
(Points to himself) 
Oh I’m doing okay.
How many years of working experience? 
(Ponders and counts how many years he has been in the factory working business and answers in a proud voice) 
6 years sir, working in one of China Corperation’s factories. 
How you would benefit me working at Ding-Dong Industries’ factory? 
(Answers the question with a confident voice) 
I would put everything I have in me into giving this factory the best of me. 
(Answers in a excited voice about what exactly he wants to study) What do I want to study in college? 
(The smile that was on his face disappears and is replaced with a frown due to having to speak about how he has suffered a lot for the last 8 years) 
I never went to college because my family and I didn’t have the money to send me to college. 
If I did go though I probably would have majored in one of the fields of Engineering. 
(Mr. Ding-Dong shows a sign of being impressed which causes a smile to appear on his face but Mr. Ding-Dong tells him something that wipes that smile off his face.) 
What, NO PLEASE!!!!! 
(Gets on his knees and begs for the job) 
Please I need this job so i can make enough money to afford to go to college and finish my education. 
(Mr. Ding-Dong pushes him away from him and Xie nearly falls off the steps. 
(He holds his knees in pain from being pushed away and landing on his knees) 
AH my knees. 
(Xie speaks in a concerned voice) 
(Speaks in a sad and surprised voice) 
Call the police, WHY? 
(Talks in a confused voice) 
I know im begging i desperately need this job so that I can survive in this economy. 
(Mr. Ding-Dong shows on his face that he has had enough and punches Xie off the steps of the factory and winces in pain and holds his nose) 
Ow, my nose, I think you broke it. 
Fine, I’ll leave. 
(Xie quickly grabs his bags and gets away from the factory)

Monologue 4:
(Takes place in Cheng’s Grandfather’s house)

(Grandpa is at the market with Grandma. He stops at the fruit store.)
(Says hello to the store clerk in Mandarin) 
Nǐ hǎo. 
(Walks around the store browsing the store’s collection of fruit and eventually goes up to the store clerk) 
How much do 3 of these jackfruit cost? 
66.05 Yuans, Are you crazy!?!?!?!?!
(Throws his hands up as if mad and pointing towards stuff and complaining) 
Thats a rip-off! The economy is poor I know that but that doesn’t mean you have to raise the cost 7 Yuan more!! 
(Looks away in disgust) 
Hmmmff! How much are 5 of the Dorian? 
98.92 Yuans!?
Are you crazy!? 
(Swings his cane around and causes the clerk to think Grandpa is going to hit him so he reaches under the desk and pulls out a shotgun which he loads and points at Grandpa)
(Grandpa looks at the clerk and then at the barrel of the shotgun and gets a frightened and mad face and voice) 
W-Why are you pointing a shotgun at me? 
What are you talking about? 
I was swinging my cane around in the air because I was angry but I wasn’t, am not, and will never hit you with my cane, I would get sued. 
(Grandpa tries to calm the clerk down and tries to convince him to lower the shotgun and puts his arms up as if trying to stop something from hitting him.) 
So would you be so kind as to lower the shotgun and I will pay for these fruits? 
(Calms down and speaks in a tired voice) 
Well I guess that isn’t that much of an increase since before it was 81 Yuans. 
But still this economy is killing the population and bleeding the civilians’ accounts dry. 
(Starts to try a barter. So move your hands in front of you as if trying to reason or explain something to a person) 
Are you absolutely sure you can’t lower the price on the fruit for me? 
(His face turns to a sad face due to the clerk not lowering the price on the fruit) 
Ugh, fine i’ll buy 2 Jackfruit and 3 Dorian. 
42.85 Yuan is such a rip-off but i’ll buy it for my grandkids. 
(In an angry and sarcastic voice) 
Have a nice day. 
(Walks out the door with Grandma)

Monologue 5: 
(Bi Binbin is looking for houses and finds three he thinks he likes. He’s talking to the realtor)

(Bi walks up to the realtor’s office and knocks on the door while putting on a smile)
I wanted to talk about the pricing on the houses today. 
(Puts on a serious but happy face to show he is ready to talk today)
Can we go to your office? 
I was hoping I could get one of the houses you said you have for sale? 
(States exactly what his price range is in a proud and confident voice)
My range of pay is between $750-$1250. 
(Realtor tells him his price and Bi’s eyes get bigafter hearing his price)
(Now speaks in a mad and serious voice)
YOUR RANGE OF PAY IS $1500-$2000?!?! 
(States in a clear and angry voice)
I can’t pay that. 
(Tries to convince the realtor to lower the price so that it is in Bi’s price range and so he can buy it)
Can’t we discuss a lower price option for one of the houses?
(Realtor shakes his head and Bi shouts.) 
No, why not???? 
(Realtor explains that the economy is bad and that lowering the price for him would be killing his business and Bi gets a calm and bargaining voice)
Yes I know the economy is bad but everyone is losing money so can’t you give me a break and sell me it for less? 
(Gets a serious and upset face)
Ugh but but I need to get a house now, I’ve been evicted from where I lived just before now and need a place to live now. 
(Realtor points towards the door and Bi looks towards the door)
Why can’t you just lower it, is it really such a hassle?!!?! 
(Tries to explain that he needs the house badly because he doesn’t have one)
I need this house badly! 
(Realtor still refuses and Bi talks in an offended and hurt voice)
Do you even have a heart? 
(Realtor tries to explain again about the economy)
Well it doesn’t seem like it. 
(Realtor has had enough and tells him to leave while Bi gets a confused and mad voice)
Get out?!?! 
(Bi has also had enough and decides he will go to another realtor)
You know what I’m going to another realtor. 
(Realtor explains that there is no realtor that he can go to that has a lower price and better houses so Bi replies in a scared and nervous voice)
What do you mean? 
(Bi speaks in a surprised and concerned voice)
There isn’t any realtor that will sell me a house for a lower price?!?!
(His eyes squint and he gets upset) 
Damn It. 
(Speaks in a sarcastic and mean voice)

Monologue 6:
(Cheng’s boss when he worked at the pen factory and this is right before and during the scene that Cheng is beaten by his Boss. His Boss’ name is Lay Yee.)

(Looking out a window at his factory. He is talking to a worker in his office)
So Cheng isn’t working hard and is instead complaining? 
(The worker tells him that Cheng is complaining he isn’t getting paid enough for the amount of pens he makes per batch.)
(Lay Yee’s face turns serious and mad like as if he just got betrayed by one of his best friends) 
(Puts on a calmer face and comes to a decision on what to do.) 
Very well, go back to your station and get back to work. 
And tell Cheng to come to my office. 
(Sends the worker back to work and waits for Cheng to come up to his office.) 
That selfish little brat is still complaining about not being payed enough money after I gave him a raise 2 months ago? 
(Looks out his office window overlooking the entire factory and sees Cheng walking up the stairs and towards his office.)
(Cheng knocks on the door and Lay tells him to come in.) 
(He puts on a fake smile but underneath taht smile if anger and hatred towards this boy) 
Good afternoon Cheng, there is something I would like to discuss with you. 
Now the workers have been complaining about you complaing saying you want a raise even though I jsut gave you one two months ago. 
Is this true? 
I don’t know if you realize and know that China is going through a huge recession so money is tight right now. 
Therefor what gives you the idea that I would and will give you a raise when your already getting the maximum wage for a underage worker? 
(Listens to Cheng ask for a raise and explain that his grandmother is sick and he needs more money so that they can send her to get the treatment she needs.)
No I will not give you a raise, there is simply no extra money available to give you. 
(Gets a frustrated face)
Do I really have to explain to you again why I’m not going to give you a raise? 
(Cheng says he understands what he said but again says that his grandma is sick with cancer and she needs medical attention immediately but they don’t have enough money to afford to send his grandmother to a hospital.) 
(His frustration turns to disbelief and anger) 
That is such bull right there, your family isn’t sick, I just saw your mother the other day and we talked and she said that your grandparents are doing fine at the moment so what the hell gives you the idea that I am going to give you a raise? 
I would rather fire you but instead I think I will punish you for lying to me. 
(Throw a punch in the air pretending to hit Cheng.)
You are such a selfish boy Cheng, you shouldn’t lie, its disrespectful to me and to this company. (Throw 4 punches in the air as if hitting you are actually hitting someone.) 
(Start panting and get a angry and calmer than before face.) 
Now go back to your station and get to work, because of you lying to me you aren’t going to be payed for the next 5 batches of pens you make in order to teach you a lesson. 
(Anger in his face turns to satisfaction and he talks to Cheng calmly now) 
Good and don’t ask for a raise ever again or else you’ll will be punished again except harsher.