Monie Duong Capstone

My capstone is an informational website called Are You Aware? that talks about different cancers and diseases. I handcrafted awareness ribbons that support a cause to donate money to its corresponding organization. I've changed my idea countless times from making t-shirts to painting phone cases to finally making ribbons and this website. My ultimate goal throughout the whole process was finding a way to help people in need around the world. I've learned about 13 different cancers and diseases while researching and creating my website. You will learn about what these cancers and diseases are, what causes them, the symptoms, how to prevent it, facts, survival rates, and what organization the donation is going to. You can purchase 15 different colored awareness ribbons. Information about each ribbon is on my site. Please feel free to share my Are You Aware? website to your loved ones and donate to make a change somewhere or in someone's life.

Link to my Are You Aware? Website: