January: enero

February: febrero

March: mazo

April: abril

May: mayo

June: junio

July: julio

August: agosto

September: septibre

October: octubre

November: noviembre

December: diciembre


Spanish months and days are never capitalized like our English months and days are!!


In Spanish we write our dates a little different than you would in English. Instead of writing the month then the day, the Spanish format is the day then the month.


To ask/answer questions about the dates:


            What’s today’s date? – ¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy?

            It’s the number of _______(month) – Hoy es el da _______ (mes)


Example:  Febuary 21st  also written as 02/21 in English. While in Spanish it would be written as 21/02.

So 21/02 = Es el veitiuno da febrero.


You could apply this to an everyday application when you are writing your heading on your paper in school or if someone in class asks you what today is.

Created by Jamie Murphy & Jalisa Smith