More About Anxiety...

Hello, it’s Briannie Matos again, a Freshman at Science Leadership Academy and I am doing the You & The World Project. In my first blog post I stated a lot of facts and statistics about anxiety. Anxiety is a very personal topic for me and you can look at my first blog post for more information.
In an article I read called Hundreds of Psychology Studies are Wrong talks about how genetics can be related to why people have anxiety. This article was just recently posted on May 1, 2017 and it states in another recent article called  The Conversation researchers went around a hospital and examined the anxiety of parents and children. The article also talks about how the absence of a father can affect their children dramatically, more specifically their daughters. Their daughters could become sexually promiscuous at a young age, meaning having sexual content frequently and not caring who the sexual partner is. Genetics can have something to do with it anxiety because as a child you can naturally have traits from your parents. Just how you can have your mother’s looks or your father’s looks, you can have anxiety through genetics. Many people in my family has anxiety, so having anxiety through genetics could be true.

This is a photo of my aunt, Lisette, who suffers from anxiety and my grandmother.

For my original research I decided to interview my aunt, Lisette from New
York. She is someone who has to take medication to control her anxiety. Since she is in New York, she agreed to have the interview over the phone. During the call, one thing that stood out to me was when my aunt says her anxiety begins because everyone always depends on her and she doesn’t know how to say no. My aunt can be a very nice and at times way too nice. When my aunt’s anxiety is to crazy to control she sometimes has to cancel her plans because she gets in a bad mood and doesn’t feel like doing anything.
As a mother it can affect her on many ways because whenever her children need her sometimes she can’t be there. It’s really overwhelming for her because when she can’t control her anxiety and when her anxiety kicks in, she can be very emotional. My aunt would start hyperventilating and she would just begin to cry. I asked her What advice would you offer other people who deal with anxiety?, her answer was, to not let anyone depend on you as much, and that it is okay to say no sometimes. A way my aunt copes with anxiety is using religion. For example, she listens to gospel music to calm her nerves and let the positivity in. She also reads Joyce Meyer books who is a Christian author and a speaker.
You can visit my annotated bibliography for more information of the resources that were used.

Here is a photo of me while doing my interview over the phone with my aunt. She was so excited to help out because she would also love to help others with anxiety.