MP1 Art Blog and Artist's Statement

  1. Tell your reader what printmaking is and why it is important.

Printmaking is the activity or occupation of making pictures or designs by printing them from specially prepared plates or blocks. Printmaking is important because of the use of there unique techniques.

  1. Use the research about printmaking you did last class. Explain to the reader why the invention of printmaking was revolutionary and why it is so important.

The invention of printmaking was revolutionary because it was a art form, that made many artists famous and it became a way for artists to produce multiple copies.

  1. Find a print that interests you. Download a copy of the print, upload the print with credits to your blog.

Image result for printmaking designs

  1. Tell why you find the print artistically interesting.To properly tell about the print you chose.

This print interests me artistically behind I am thinking of it in multiple views. I see this print as someone reaching for success or for help. When I think of it as someone asking for help I vision abuse and they are getting beating, the victim is just reaching out.

5. Use - I notice... I wonder… What if… to explain how you think about the work of art.

I notice that that the hand has marks all over it. When I see these marks I wonder if the artist made it in a sketchy way or in a way to see that it been through a lot of physical pain. What if the hand was painted solid, meaning all black. Will it tell a different story and having me wondering other things.