Mp1 Art Work

For my ceiling tile I wanted to draw something that gave me a feeling of peace, thats why I chose to paint a sunflower. I think sunflowers are one of the most incredible flowers. They have so many unique qualities like growing towards the sun, and being made up of tiny flowers. When I look at a sunflower I get that warm fuzzy feeling inside and I feel at peace. 

For my drawing I made several different pieces instead of one big one. What inspired my art was my grandmother. My grandma loved to doodle and so when creating my art I didn’t make it have a common theme, instead I decided to doodle.

For my pumpkin I drew a scary looking tree. I drew a tree because my family has a tradition: we watch scary movies until halloween arrives. In every movie that we have watched there is always an ominous looking tree and thats what inspired me to draw a tree. 

I’m not very proud of my self portrait, I’ve never been able to draw people but I worked hard on it and I feel good about that. I modeled this drawing on a photo I took last year.