MPyfrom Blog Post 2- Room For Debate

The patriot act is the government's way of enforcing a form of dictatorship. They say this act is only being used for terrorists to prevent attacks similar to 9/11. The government is using this act for other purposes such as spying on innocent Americans. What happen to our civil liberties? Why are they being taking away because of this mediocre act? 

Yes, I believe we need to keep our country safe but do not I think this is the right answer. Our rights to privacy should not be taking away because the government feels threatened by the advanced ways of terrorists.  For the government to be able to check up on you because they feel as though you "could" be a potential threat is absolutely insane. I will not stand for this. Many of my ancestors came to America for freedom. Now years later America is becoming the bad place they had to get out of. The government is becoming an absolute power right under our nose and we're just watching it unfold in front of us. 

Before you know it the government will call all its citizens "prospective terrorists" to gain access to their privacy. Then a simple two way intimate call with your husband will than be a three way with a government official who gets lonely at night. Technology will truly be the death of us Americans. We let advanced scientific findings destroy our lives. We will soon turn into savages because of the government's paranoid ways. Before America turns from the land of free to land of dictatorship we need to get rid of the patriotic act.