Muchas Gracias!: How to be polite

Manners are always important in EVERY culture. The same thing goes for the spanish-speaking culture too. 

Lets start with “excuse me” first. There are about 3 ways to say excuse me in spanish but each way has a different scenario:

Con Permiso

This is used when someone is in your way and you want them to move.


This is used to get someone’s attention.


Finally, this is the most common. When you bump into someone or do something you didn’t mean to do. You say Perdon.

Next, are the thank you’s. There are also 3 ways to say these but they all are used them same and each one uses a different importance.


This is used for a simple thank you. 

Muchas Gracias.

This is used to mean “Thanks a lot”.

Muy amble Gracias.

Finally, this is used to mean “Thanks a million”. 

Then, please. Please in spanish is Por favor. This is used anytime you want to say please.

Finally, the “you’re welcome”s. There are also 3 ways to you’re welcome in spanish. But this time you can use these at anytime, anywhere, for any meaning.

De nada.

Por nada.

No hay de que.