Multigenre Projects B band

During this quarter, my students have been on a multigenre research journey.  They were asked to to pursue a passion in their intellectual/emotional/spiritual life, to explore a chance  to strive to answer a question involving a topic of consuming interest to them and to communicate their learning through a multigenre project.  This is where they got at the factual, the emotional, and the imaginative. This was a time to be daring, to try the untried. 

Students chose a person, idea, topic, trend, cultural phenomenon, movement, thing, place and were asked to become the quintessential, mad-obsessed researcher who follows this research thread until their insatiable curiosity about the topic was satisfied.   

This work was inspired and guided by the work of Tom Romano.

Students have published their work on a website, please check them out, comment, and share widely:

Kathy Arim

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Diamond Blenman

Manage Diamond Blenman

Drue Boccuti

Manage Drue Boccuti

Roger Bracy

Manage Roger Bracy

Amanda Cartagena

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Octavius Collins

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Daniel Varnis

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Keyaira Doughty

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Sean Force

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Branden Hall

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Margaret Hohenstein

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Katherine Hunt

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Jasmin Hussain

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Kilah Kemp

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Vannary Kom

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Tamatha Lancaster

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Jermel Langley

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Kenny Le

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Danielle Little

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Jacob Lotkowski

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Sean Mcaninch

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Maleena Mel

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Byshera Moore-Williams

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Aazimah Muhammad

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Nicholas Murray

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Shannon Powers

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Meenoo Rami

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Merrik Saunders

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Jonathan Spencer

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Taylor Veasley

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Willie Willson