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Post #1

The instrument I am interested in making is a pan flute. It is in the genre of wind instruments, which are generally played by blowing on them. To produce the sounds and notes from wind instruments, pan flutes in particular, I have to blow into the top open parts of the flute and the different length pipes each make a different note when blown into. The shape of the pan flute is like a diagonal array of pipes from tallest to shortest. This makes me think that length places a key part in the changing of notes. Based off a similar observation from blowing into soda bottles with various amounts of soda in them: when more space is in the bottle, the deeper the sound is when you blow, I think that frequency/pitch of the waves are based off length.

Post #2

The instrument pan flute,produces sound by causing vibrations into the air within the pipes which causes the air molecules to vibrate and pass energy down until it reaches the fixed end and returns back up to the free end, making a sound. The various sounds or “frequencies” are produced depending on the length of the pipe. To recreate this instrument I will be using PVC pipes of various lengths and nickles to create the fixed ends. I will play this instrument just as anyone would play an actual pan flute, by blowing into the various pipes to form different notes of a song (row row row your boat in this case) .