Musical Instrument Blog #1

My group & i decided to spell xylophone "Zillaphone", i'm telling you this because i dont want you to get confused when you see it spelled like that. =)

-How is it played? What does the person have to do to produce sound?
You hit the notes with the mallets. The Zillahphone strike the metal bars of the Zillahphone (xylophone) with a stick produces a vibration. This vibration's sound is determined by the length of the bar. The longer ones produce a much deeper sound than the shorter ones. These sounds are enhanced by the resonator tubes below the bars. Air is pushed into these tubes, creating more vibration, but at the same pitch as the bar struck. A cord runs through the center of the xylophone, lifting the bars slightly away from the frame of the instrument, letting them vibrate freely.

-How do you change a note? (you might have to watch very carefully to see this)
On an Zillahphone, there are different sized bars, the smaller the bars the higher the pitch is. The notes change depending on which bar you hit.

-How is it shaped?
Its Piano Shaped.

-What does this make you think about how you can create and change sound?
It makes me think that this would be easy to play/handle.

-What connections (if any) do you think you can draw between what you are observing and you might already know about waves?
Well i personally think that how hard you hit might effect the length of the wave, and every time you hit the bar, its another pulse.