Musical Instrument Blog #1

The two instruments at I am considering are the hydrocrystalophone and the harpsichord. The hydrocrystalophone is played by a person with wet fingers placing their hand on a certain rotating bowl. The shape and size of the bowl changes the various sounds produced. The overall shape is a long suspended spindle which allows the bowls to constantly spin. This instrument entices me to find the musical connection between the water, finger, and bowl; as well as the shape of the bowl and the effect on the sound. The other instrument, is similar to a piano. A harp's strings are each struck once when a button is pressed. This can also be achieved in a box form, wherein a button strikes the harp's strings. So far, these instruments appear to show that the size and shape of what is being played, such as a string or a bowl's diameter, has an important effect on the sounds being produced.