Musical Instrument blog #2

In a ukelele sound is produced through sound waves, created by vibrations. Vibrations are created from energy transfer from the strings being strummed. Depending on how hard you strum the more the strings will vibrate and the louder the sound will be.
Specifically, pitch is be changed through the tension of the strings at the head of the guitar and where you apply pressure to the strings on the neck. For instance, if you apply pressure to the strings onto a fret close to the center of the guitar, the pitch of will be higher and vice versa; if pressure was applied closer to the head of the guitar then the pitch would be deeper.

What materials will you actually be using for your instrument and why?
I will be using a wooden box, strings wooden rods or poles for the neck and guitar stings. I will shorten them to a appropriate length for my ukelele. To create the correct sound, I'll use a wooden box because I can easily sand it and change the shape of the box accordingly to the sound I'm trying to create. The rods will act as my ukelele's neck. Together,  I'll be able to  play my instrument like an acoustic guitar or ukelele.

Do we have time in class to practice the song or do we have to build and practice the instrument outside of class?