Musical Instrument Blog #2


After further research into how it is that a flute functions and creates sound, I found that my initial opinion, the one concerning the length of the pipe and the concentration of the air molecules. I initially believed that the concentration of air molecules altered the frequency of the sound waves. This, in turn, creates a deeper or higher pitch when it comes to musical notes or other sounds. The less energy that the molecules transferring the wave have, the lower the pitch, because the frequency is lower. When I put my plans into action, I am hoping to create my flute out of either PVC pipe or copper pipe, depending upon the materials that I can gain access to. I'm planning on placing the holes used to create notes about 15.24cm from one end, then about 2.5cm apart afterward. The hope is that such a design would allow me to play it just like a regular flute. The only real remaining question that I have is whether or not I'll be able to get aid in learning how to play it.