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The instrument my group decided to focus on was either wind or percussion. Percussion instruments consist of everything you can hit with sticks. In percussion instruments the sound foundation is a pulsing covering. These instruments are known as membranophones or beating part of dense substances that is called idiophones. The percussionist usually makes these resources to pulse by beating them. This is where percussion comes from, but numerous of percussion instruments are played shaking, rubbing, or any other method that can make the sound within the percussion instrument. 

Since there are difficult behaviors in which the sound starting place tremble, a good number of percussion instruments do not have exact pitch. The majority of instruments that do have significant pitch are idiophones. The pitch of instruments relies on the quantity of substance that is beating. In all- purpose this means that the instruments should have a unique throbbing body for every note.   So I am either considering either chimes or a guitar but still undecided. Didn’t want to choose something that would have over whelmed me. still choosing between a guitar and chimes.