My 6 Best Journal Entries


            Almost every English class the students would walk in and see a journal on the board. The students would sit down and do the journal. Here are 6 of the many journals that were given and my responses to them.

Journal #1: Have you ever faced what seemed like an impossible task? How do you get through it (if you did…)? Were you alone?


GROUP PROJECTS! I really don’t like them, especially when your “team mates” don’t do what they are supposed to. This event happened in about 7th or 8th grade. It was a project that was worth 20% of your final grade. I had to get this done. I collaborated with my team mates and we decided what each of us were supposed to do for our project. But one of the people in my group was a horrible partner that didn’t do any work they were supposed to. The day before the project was due she skipped school. So the other two people and myself had to do that part of the project in 20 minutes and put it on the poster board. But we didn’t have a computer to type it up on. So we had to write it by hand. Ends up we got an A so everything turned out ok.



Journal #2: Why write?


I write to express myself. When I have no one else to talk to but myself, my pen and my paper. I feel like people don’t understand me sometimes so I go and sort of talk to myself and think about what to do about a certain situation. Or maybe I just want to write about life, something inspirational so when I need advice I can always go back and read it over. This is why I write.



Journal #3: If you really knew me…


If you really knew me you would know that in public I seem like a happy soul a person who has a care free life (which sometime I do). But on the inside I am an angry person. I do have anger issues. If someone pushes me over or close to the edge I will flip, go over board and not be able to control my actions. I do have to go to therapy to try to take control of my problem. If you really knew me you would know that I have anger issues.



Journal #4: How important is it to fit in?


People who know me know that it is every important for to be liked. I need to fit in to feel good about myself. I need to have friends, I need to feel like if I’m going to fall someone will be there to catch me. I love being liked by people it makes me feel good.



Journal #5: What are people’s expectations of you? What are your own?


Peoples expectations of me are to do well in school, to be responsible and wary and to be me. It is hard doing all these things and when people have these things on their shoulders and more they crumble under the pressure. My expectations are the same but a little bit more strict. When I do things I want myself to go above and beyond and when I don’t I feel bad about myself. It is hard living up to other peoples standards or expectations, but it is even harder living up to your own.



Journal #6: What is your response to seeing/reading and saying the ”N” word?


Seeing this word all over this book is hard and upsetting but at the same time ok. It is ok to see because it reminds you how things in the past really were and how things have changed for the better. It is refreshing to see how well African Americans are treated today knowing that things have changed forever and for the better.