My Artwork

I use my artwork to channel my inner imagination. It is not too often in school when you can express how you feel, and art is one of the few times. I am proud of my pieces and think that you will appreciate them also.

My "Blend of Music" piece is my personal favorite. It is a blend of covers from some of the songs  I listen too. I like it because it is simple, colorful, and means something special to me. The covers are placed in strategic positions that caught my eyes and I felt like it would help catch others also.

My next piece is "Il tessuto cade". Thats means the falling fabric in Italian. This piece was cool because I added a little extra to the assigned task. I wanted the make the fabric flow even more so I decided to use the fan to give it the flow look. 

My third piece is Kaleidoscope dreams. It shows a young girl through the eye of a kaleidoscope. Of all the filters, this was my favorite. It reminds my of looking through a toy kaleidoscope as a kid. 

My final piece was my quote from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. It shows a camel in a place with feathers and the one feather on his back is broken. The quote did not literally mean this but it is what came to mind when I heard it.