My Catastrophic Calendar

Sebina Leventon - My Catastrophic Calendar - English 1

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Artist’s Statement- For this project, I wanted to create something that highlighted the imperfections of 2020. A calendar, I thought, was the best way to do this, because calendars give an overview of the events in a given month. As I gave it more thought, I decided that it was the way to go because, using a calendar, I wouldn’t need many words to sum up 2020 from my point of view. I think it’s really cool to be able to tell a story using very few words and not even complete sentences! As you may have noticed, I used 3 different colors of text on the calendar. Blue text means it was scheduled to happen already, purple means it was scheduled or rescheduled because of the pandemic, and red means it was a bad thing that was scheduled or rescheduled because of the pandemic. I made my calendar by reflecting on the events of this year and writing everything down along with their approximate dates. Next, I created a calendar template and filled it in according to my memories of 2020 so far. In true calendar spirit, I added my own pictures for each month that help tell the story of what happened that month. I hope there are no more red events to add to my catastrophic calendar this year!