My Culture

The artist I chose was Big Sean. His song “Memories Part 2 (feat. John Legend) really speaks to me, but before I jump into that, here’s a little back-story B.I.G. Big Sean, real name Sean Michael Anderson, is a young rap/hip-hop artist from Detroit (or D-Town as he calls it on most of his song.) In 2008 he signed with Kanye West’s record group “G.O.O.D Music.” Sean often raps about his experiences growing up in the rough city of Detroit and his never-ending dream to make it big and become famous. His first album “Finally Famous”, which debuted November 1, 2011. He often mentions in his songs “West Side” which is referring to his home-town of Western Detroit. I can relate to Big Sean because of his endless fight for popularity and to be noticed. In his song, “Memories Part 2 (feat. John Legend) he talks about how he would never want to forget all the times he has had and the people he loves, the people who aided and helped him throughout his journey, and his motivation to achieve success at what he does. He also never wants to remember all the negativity in his life and he uses his positive attitude to persevere through all of the adversity he faces. I can completely relate to Sean because he and I share many traits. We both are very upbeat and fun-loving people. His motive to become successful is what I and the rest of his listeners would want as well. He teaches those who aren’t successful yet or who are struggling to be to never give up and to keep on pursuing your dreams. This reflects on my culture because I always want to be someone that people can look up to and writing is my dream. I have always wanted to be an aspiring writer and become known. To achieve that goal would not only be the best thing that has ever happened to me and a dream come true, but to know that hopefully, people look up to you and follow your style. Sean’s music has influenced many to strive to become whatever you want to be and to never give up. Again, the way he acts along with the things he believes in are very similar. My appreciation of the arts helps me recognize and appreciate music more than I have before.