My Culture is D&D

First of all I would like to apologize, this was downloaded off of a YouTube video. Also I would like to say that this doesn't reflect my personal music preference, only my culture.

I chose to show the culture of D&D. To start with simple explanation, D&D was developed as a prelude to Videogames, and was a board game where anything could happen and you didn’t have to respond the way you normally do. It was played for fun, and also to give you a life where you felt strong. Now that videogames are out, it has less of a following. Instead of gaining a feeling of power by hanging out with people and rolling dice, it is gained by shooting Nazis in modern videogames. However, D&D still has the advantage of giving the player more options, and never really ending until you die.

D&D has a rather twisted culture, on that even the people involved in it don’t exactly revere.  The clip shows the women dodging the question for as long as possible before opening up. However, the clip also shows a few culture that aren’t necessarily involved in D&D. Sure it’s possible for everyone to dress up as their player, it just doesn’t need to or usually happen.

Before seeing the video I had no idea who the person was. That’s part of what D&D is about; you have no clue who’s involved, which’s shown by the beginning of the clip when the singer denies that she’s involved. I learned about the song from someone else that also liked D&D. He thought it was cool and showed it to me. The genre of the song completely shows what D&D is all about. After all, D&D loves parodies. The whole entire thing is made as a merge of all of the fantasy books in existence. It’s also directly involved to the game from the characters in the song, the terminology involved and also the monsters mentioned. I am not involved in the specific subsection of D&D that this song is interested in, since I don’t role-play as seriously, I just go and kill things and hang out. These people have stuff that they dress up in, which is way more serious then most of the people I know of.