My Day Off

(Alarm clock goes off)

“YAWNNNN. What time is it? (looks at time).

“It’s only 5:00. I got some time left.” (hits the snooze button. Then the alarm goes off again minutes later)

(Groans) “I don’t wanna get up for school! (Sigh) I don’t want to go to school.And it’s a Monday too?! Ughh, why does it need to be Monday already? I was having the best weekend. Went shopping a little. Bought the new Jordans and Lebrons. Partying non-stop on saturday night not leaving until 3 in the morning. But now school comes around to end the happiness with boring work and annoying teachers.

Oh snap! I forgot to do my homework too!  Just great.

Now my day is going to be ruined and my A's and B's are now going to be C's. What am I going to do? This is bad I can't go to school today. Wait. That's it. I won't go to school today! That's a great idea! I won't go to school today then that way I can finish my homework then when I'm done, I can have a free day to do whatever I want and a house all to myself. This is going to be good. Ok let me make some fake coughs really quick. (Cough Cough). “Mom! Mom! My stomach hurts really bad and my head throbbing. I don’t want to skip school today but I think I might have to because I’m in so much pain. Mom please! I’m not asking for much. I only asked to stay home this one day that’s all. I promise I won’t do anything bad. Come on you know nothing’s going to happen. So are you going to allow me to stay home? Thanks mom! You're the best. Yeah I remember where the chicken noodle soup is. Yes mom I know to lock the door and not to answer the phone unless it’s you. Ok mom have a good day. Love you too.

( Waits a few minutes). YES! She’s gone. Now I got this house to myself and now I can do whatever. Ok what’s first on my list. Alright. First, I’m going to make the best breakfast in the world. 4 eggs with bacon, 2 things of toast, and I can’t forget about that orange juice. After my little meal, imma play me some 2K14 and fry these niggas with The Heat and Lebron. Yeahhh! Can’t forget the squad though. Then maybe I can go Downtown and do some shopping or just chill down there. That’s a good idea!. This is perfect! Ok got the best day to start the week off with but I there’s something that’s not right. I can’t remember something that I had to do. Did I leave something out? No. I don’t think so. Oh yeah that's right! Homework. I got homework I have to complete! Man, who am I kidding. I wasn’t going to do it in the first place. I can just turn it in late or something. But wait! I had to come in today to get help with the homework and do redo a quiz and this is the last day! And it’s too late now. I’m late to school and my mom just left so I’m screwed. Oh man. My chill day has been put on hold. Damn. I messed up. I messed up really badly. Way to go genius. Way to go.