My Education tied with the Budget Cuts

​I am a sophomore in SLA and I came to SLA to learn in an environment that I fell in love in. If the budget will be cut further, the laptops to enhance learning experiences and different electives that would help me decide my future career would disappear. I applied for Digital Video and Advance Engineering for my junior year. Would I be able to take these classes? If not, then what is school's purpose anyway? Isn't it to teach future leaders? Then, why is this budget cut will potentially prevents me from being an renown photographer or engineer? I think that every children should have the basic opportunity to tried out things that they want to do in the future. Saying that Philadelphia is an underdeveloped educational institution or any other reason isn't enough to let the government have a cold or negative response to Mayer Nutter's proposal on recovering budget.

I really want to spend my next two years in Science Leadership Academy in an environment that this school could give me in the best of its ability, not a backslash that will turn my last two years in this wonderful school into a nightmare filled with regrets.