My Fantastic Print/Matt

My element is iron and it’s atomic number is 26.\

The word iron derives from the Anglo-Saxon word "iron" or iren" the origin of the symbol Fe comes from the Latin word "ferrum" meaning "iron. Iron can be used to make a lot of other useful materials like steel which is used often in manufacturing. Iron is one of the most plentiful elements. It comprises about 5.6% of the earth's crust and almost all of the earth's core

I decided that I wanted to make my print about steel because iron is a huge part in making steel and steel is a huge component to us as a civilization so I thought that would be cool to write about and that’s why I put the steel beams holding up the world.

I know at first I made something stupid because, naturally. But then I came up with the design and the word to go with it and I liked it a lot.

If I could go through this process again I would probably make a more concise picture if that makes sense just try to make it smaller and look a little cooler.

My favorite part was definitely transferring the picture onto paper and then being able to look at it that was tough.

IMG_20170609_101608 (1).jpg