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For my slide I decided to bring something to the table that defines me by pattern and design. I wanted to focus more on a mash of different textures and colors to show a new type of rhythm that defines me. First I started off with a picture of a sun as the main background because that is the backbone of my character. A sun is radiant and gives life to the things around them. It shows reciprocity that lies within me. My second layer gives off some movement by its texture, being a slight velvety feel. I blended this layer to give more harmony to the first.  My third layer was a simple brown color that has somewhat of a smooth yet rough texture. It adds movement to the first. Then I continued with a picture of “ A Black Aesthetic “. I chose this picture because when I went to the National African American Museum in D.C. this stood out to me. I chose to choose a small font for my name to show off the main point of the picture, the aesthetic. I then edited a what was once brown photo to green because to show contrast that something that I’m into is different to what other people think is normal. I then took a photo of myself and photoshopped the eyes out of the picture and drew in colorful ones because it shows that I see much more and take in my surroundings, being aware of more things. I edited locks and put them as my hair. I put this in because I wanted to make more use of my space, also that ever since I chose to lock my hair I felt as though it is a huge part of me. All together it creates a different kind of harmony with a variety of different things.


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Emma Risher (Student 2020)
Emma Risher

The use of color in this slide is very strong and I can tell you followed the rule of color schemes. Your slide makes the eye move smoothly through everything and is symmetrical in its own way because each side is equally captivating. It also shows who you are in a very unique way while still incorporating all your research.