My Home Network

As you can see in my network web, there are 13 devices on my home network. I have 4 laptops, 2 desktops, 3 cell phones, two ipads, an xbox and an apple tv. All of these things in my L.A.N. While I was creating my web I learned that internet doesn’t just appear in my house it goes through a long process to get there. When ever there were wifi shortages in my home I thought it was my isp slipping up but now I know that its difficult to get super fast internet into my house and that there is a good reason if its not as fast as usual. I learned a lot from doing this project and here’s some advice I would give others about their isp or home network. Its really important to know where your internet comes from and how much you are paying per month because a lot of times isp’s rip you off. Its also important to keep track of how fast your internet actually is and how fast your isp said it should be, another way you can get ripped off. The last thing I would tell people is to be patient with your wifi because it takes lots of time and effort to get a network you are happy with.