My Home Network - Gia Torres

My Local Area Network basically looks like a bunch of electronics connected to my internet connection. We are a family where basically everyone has their own personally items. So, everything is connected to the internet 24/7 which, does slow things down. Plus we all have smart tvs and game consoles that sit there and we don’t really use but they are automatically connected taking space. My network is Comcast which in my opinion is kind of slow. But, It also could be everything that is connected to the network.

I actually learned a lot about networks. Especially when we were creating the chart since I had not realized how much was actually on our network alone so, it made me rethink why our network is slow sometimes. Also learning a lot about how network providers trick you into believing you have fast internet connection when they could actually be slowing it down. I was really shocked about how things actually interfere when you add more and more things onto a network.

I would tell them to look at what you are getting into before you chose your provider. Since a lot of providers could trick you into thinking you are getting the fastest service. Also make sure you chose wisely what you want on your network since everything basically gets saved onto your network creating tracks. This is basically what I want other people to know so they are able to get what they actually need to have good service.