My Home Network - Vivian Pham

Explaining the network:
My ISP is Comcast and the ethernet cable is made of coax. I have a modem and a router, an ethernet cable connects from the modem to router. The cloud internet comes into the router and it goes to modem and the modem makes the internet in my house wireless. And my router makes internet wireless and there the technology in my house connects to the internet without the use of an ethernet cable unless its through a computer or laptop. 
Something I learned about my home network is that there are two different systems that actually provide the devices in my house with internet, I never that. I thought it was just one system and that was it but its way more than just one. And i also learned to have the modem and the router connected an ethernet cord connects them. I also learned that when we search something or make a request online it goes through many processes and depending on our internet it may come faster or more delayed. 
Something that i would tell other people about my ISP is that sometimes Comcast can have some issues or problems but if you get the right package, the internet is really fast. And that its more simple when it comes to installing the internet using Comcast. And for me, my parents ordered just the internet on Comcast but not cable.