My ILP Experience: WPEB

I found out about my ILP the summer before 10th grade. My mom and I were looking for ways to make it about my interest in media. Our family listens to a lot of this american life, serial, radio journalism basically. That kind of reporting has always been interesting to me. So with the contacts my mother has in our west philly community, she introduced me to Renee McBride. Renee is the owner of WPEB 88.1, a mostly jazz radio station that wanted to expand out in youth radio. Now, through this, Radio Journalism was what I was able to do  through this program. Now, I am able to say that I have definitely learned a lot from my time with WPEB. Through that time, I have learned the various laws that are important to consider and take into account when reporting and collecting interviews. For me, I feel like the progress I have made can be seen in the way I talk to others and in turn listen. In radio and in journalism in general, you are listening and n some ways telling, the stories of others. It's important not to overshadow others and their narratives, even when just listening. My process with Renee has taught me to appreciate that and take that into consideration, even with just my daily life.