My Media fluency

Niya Petty


Why did I make my slide the way I did? Well I can start by saying I don’t really make things like this so this being my first time doing this was a little interesting. First it was the pictures. I knew it was based on the project we did in English which was the “ Me magazine”, and that was mostly was about me and what interests me. So first i wanted to put some pictures of myself because if i didn’t do that, people wouldn’t know that it was about me and just be confused from the start. So instead of one picture, I choose two pictures that I liked of me and put that onto my slide. Another thing that you will see that is on m slide is the make up. This connects to my passion for beauty. In my “Me magazine I also included some beauty tips if anyone was interested and just for the fun of it. I also talked about my mom. That explains why I got a quote off of the internet that says “ I love my mom.” My last picture with the tree explains the weather change because I wonder why we have seasons and I say some of my thoughts in my project that I did. Enjoy.

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