My Media Fluency Slide Project

This slide represents my love of music.  I put my name on it because I’m the subject of the slide.  Each letter in my name is from an album cover of one of my favorite bands or artists.  The C is from Panic by Caravan Palace, the L is from Born To Die by Lana Del Rey, the I is from Fortress ‘round My Heart by Ida Maria, and the O is from My Head Is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men.  There is a picture of my bass, a blue Ibanez SR300, and a picture of my Ibanez acoustic electric guitar, and a picture of a microphone.  There is also a picture of me playing bass in a School of Rock show. 
My decision making was influenced by how much I love listening to music and how much I love playing it.  The instrument I play most is bass guitar, and I also sing, and play keyboards and guitar.  I wanted the slide to show that I love playing music, and I love listening to my favorite bands, and I think this slide does that. 

My last slide had the same instruments as this one does but it also had an additional picture of me, which was unnecessary and just made the slide more messy.  Also, my letters were images that got very pixelated when they were blown up, which looked unprofessional.  To solve that problem, at first I tried to find bigger versions of them which I couldn't find.  Then I came across a site that had nice lettering, available in really big sizes, so I went with that.  My name runs from left to right down the screen, which also takes your eye past a picture of my bass and a picture of my guitar.  The "I" in my name is a picture of a microphone, because I also sing.  I made the background mint green/blue, because that's my favorite color right now.  

Some suggestions I have for other people making slides are to look at websites on the topic and learn about it, and to also make sure not to crowd your slide.  
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