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 In this new slide I improved the layout of the slide to further emphasize my message. Before there was no specific layout of the slide, there was simply different pictures put together. Since that was the layout, the main point ( the face ) didn't stick out enough to really draw you their first. This time, I set some sort of pattern so the face would stick out more. I added more fabric colors to give more texture to the photo and used the background ( the sun ) to set the overall mood. I decided to keep the locks because of personal reasons. Overall, I am very pleased with this slide because it provides more emphasis to the message I am trying to put out.

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Justin Peccina (Student 2020)
Justin Peccina

I see that you removed the "Simone Marant is" part, which I think makes the words less cluttered and puts more focus onto the bigger, but lighter words. The mixing of different pictures and colors was a bold choice, but in the end I think it sets a very relaxing slide, and the colors seemingly blend well together.