"My People" Sci-Fi Short Story amillatt

The smell of body odor and pungent deodorant consumed the dry forest air. Before thoughts could come to my mind I see her. From the height of this tree, the frail girl resembles Lily. On the tips of my toes, I  cautiously move to the edge of the enormous branch, until I can get the perfect view of her. I am wrong.  Still about 100 feet off the ground, I gaze at her innocent, sky blue eyes. These eyes seemed to hit the sun at the perfect moment, as if she planned it. Her eyes wandered around, scanning every inch of her surroundings. Her eyes slowly crept up to my location, and I lowered my body until my camouflage jumpsuit was practically conjoined to the branch. This human girl is either maniacal or doesn’t have any sense of direction. If my civilization knew she was in this close of a proximity to our refuge the situation it could mean disaster. I have to save her, she will be killed in seconds if she moves anymore. There are  no more than 100 hundred if my kind , that is why we have an electric force field that bubbles around our land, only our blood can pierce the strong current. I pop my head back up and study her shimmering pink dress, why would you wear that hideous creation? She appears harmless, but with the increasing numbers of disappearances of my people I should make a more judicious decision.  I pull my body up swiftly and leap downwards barley touching the branchs . A few seconds later my right foot collides with the ground , eye to eye with the now frightened girl. I get a closer look at the features of her face, 11 or 12... my age. Following the sharp pains in my neck, a grin erupts on her face. My vision becomes unclear, the dark brown tree trunk and her straight blonde hair swirl together. I fall to the ground, paralyzed, numb.

“This one is tiny compared to the rest, she will be worth about a thousand. We did it again.”a possible mans voice, fighting back is pointless. A trap is the only thought that I could form.. a trap...

My eye lid swiftly spread apart, the throbbing of my head overpowers my thoughts. I lift my upper body up and lift my hand up to try to comfort my forehead. My hands reach about two inches before they are shocked. A force cuff, is restricting my hand to this icy metal table. I am dressed in a thin hospital gown that stop a little pass my knees. Dejva strikes me, I see the fire. The four story white building was burning and then I turned around to the  naked crowd running into the pitch black woods. Then another image of me looking through a greenish fluid that my body is submerged in. I see a human striking a scientist, knocking him down. The scienctist  does not move,he just lies stiff in the corner of room. A deep males voice drags me back to reality, our eyes meet and then part just as fast.

“How much fluid will be obtain from this creature, Peter?” He questioned the nervous man beside him, holding a clipboard.

“The creature is a female and the smallest I’ve seen of her kind. She must have been one of the last ones created.” He says in confidence. Peter is correct right that night when it happened was when a considerable duplicates of me were being produced. I am nothing more than an experiment. My kind is designed to hold the cure for cancer, but I am the only one who was perfected. The others only show a glimpse of the actual cure, but are still valuable to the humans.  An obnoxious beep interrupts my thoughts.Then Peter rushes to the computer set up on the other side of the room. He takes one look and then yells out.

“Sir, we found it” turning towards the older man with a deep voice, confused by the information he rushes next to him. The wrinkles around Sir’s month scrunch together to form a smile.Then walks back to my metal table, fear tightens my every muscle in my body. As if it matters because the force cuffs cover both my feet and hands, trying to move would be painful and useless.

“So your the creature that my boss has been hassling me for and now your here. This should ensure that I am promoted” then turns to Peter “ I want every part of it’s body separated  and sent straight to the lab. This cure will bring in millions” Sir said with excitement. “...and save millions of people.” he added on uninterestedly. Instead of being disturbed by the thought of being ripped apart limb by limb, I drifted away. I thought of my human friend Lily , whose parents helped my people escape from the fire. The family is made up of 3 people, one man who teaches my people who to constructed the force field, a women who teaches us and a brown hair girl who I grew up with. Those are the only humans I was supposed to trust and I did. Until they were banished after my people started to disappear, but I was certain it couldn’t have been them. I never got to officially say goodbye to Lily, so that is why I was in the forest. I went up in the tree, for a better view.

“This might hurt a little.” Peter states as he sticks a needle  straight into my green vain .

“Why did you destroy our building?” I  asked because I was never told about that day, I just have flashbacks. He looked at me with a mixture of shock and confusion. I understand his confusion because my kind aren’t supposed to under any circumstances speak to humans. My people are worried about our location being revealed, so that became a rule. After a few moments he responded.

“I didn’t do anything, religious extremist despised your creation. They said that the whole experiment was funded by the devil. The exact day that the scientist discovered that you were the cure, the extremist had already started to over take the laboratory. They set the whole place on fire by night. Their were going to be thousands just like you, who would have changed lives and science...”He trailed off. The needle had vanish from my arm.  He must have lost someone close to cancer. Lily told me that scientist were desperate for a cure because 70 percent of the humans had developed some form of cancer. I can’t help but blame myself for those deaths. Then I remember how they inhumanly experiment on my people, they rip them apart  and test pestilent chemicals on them. I sympathize the emotional and physical pain from both side. I stare at Peter as he  pulls a white mask over his mouth and picks up one knife from a set of about 10.  He cuts a square through my dress over my stomach. Then slowly pierces my thin layer of skin. I look straight at him the whole time, the pain is unbearable  after Peter starts trying to cut through tissue. I start to loose conciseness, but I am satisfied. My people will no longer be hunted or brutally tortured. Now my people can thrive as a  peaceful civilization and hopefully Lily and her family will return. I wish i would have got that goodbye, then my berating stops. My eye fling open an then darkness, complete darkness...

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.55.39 PM
Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.55.39 PM