My Protest on School Budget Cuts

To Whom it May ​Concern:

My name is Jasmine Nieves and I am a sophomore at Science Leadership Academy High School. I support education very deeply. It helps everybody in life. Since I came to this school, I was expecting this to happen because I loved the school very much because of all the teachers. They had helped us along the way for these past two years. Now that it gets to me about these cuts on school budgets, I would like to spread the word about them. Students need teachers in their lives and students need everybody from the staff that belongs to the school. The people who are standing outside protesting for these things, have important things on their minds including this, to finally conquer with. Nobody wants to be cut or laid off of their jobs. They enjoy doing it so much, they can’t think of anything else on their minds other than what they are doing right now, this instant which is working at schools. 

Life without teachers could ruin a students life. Not really their whole life but in how smart they are. Some of the classes that are in schools, are some kids favorites. Without as much education, people may not know all the things they would have known with the teachers. The schools would be all lonely without out with what teachers what the teachers want. Teachers want kids to learn and develop a strong scene of smartness in their life from learning. Kids would learn themselves but not know what to teach or talk about with each other. Even though there might be some teachers at schools, don't get rid of their job which is to be a teacher. They are trying their best for us and the school. When we go to trips we have to give them money for it. Life without teachers is like seniors in high school or older students in elementary, middle or in college leaving us because they helped us along the way and gave good advice just like teachers and now their career or most of their career is about to end. If you care about schools, don't have budget cuts for schools. You should just take a minute, if possible, and try to help them. 

They are just as worthy as we are. All teachers and all staff are innocent. You could just tell from their faces and tell they don't ever want to give up what they love. Just look at the counselors, they helped us along the way too. They are just as good as teachers and as we are. Actually, most of are all innocent as long as we don't do anything bad such as destroying buildings while protesting. That's why so many teachers have protested with their students because they know how important it is to them and the students. The students and the staff are all on the backs of teachers, nurse and counselors. if protestors try to get rid of the nurses, we wouldn't know how to feel better at school or know what to do when we don't feel good or when we are sick. All these people at are schools just want us to have a good education and not a bad one. The decision some protestors are making could open up more minds than there is now to have a larger revolt and revolution to change from having budget cuts to no budget cuts in schools. Everything in schools is important to everybody who goes to it.

If there would still be budget cuts, all of our lives and all the teachers and staffs career and jobs could go right down the drain. Both students, parents and all staff would like to be heard and here is my voice. Here me now, or see all staff at schools including teachers with no jobs, no money and laid off from work as if they were on a strike. This is what everybody wants and not the opposite which is the budget cuts. This is what everybody is trying to say. So please don't take it away from them. Classes would be shorter than the double classes such as if a teacher were to work as a Drama and English teacher and the budget cuts cut it in half and now the teacher is working only for the English Class.  Teachers and adults have the right to teach what they want to the students as long as its appropriate and students are most definitely to learn it. 

Without any of these people, we wouldn’t be the smart people that we are today. Change the world and not have school budget cuts but just school budgets. They are important to the staff but its also important to the students because they know how hard it can be when teachers or any part of the school staff loses their job because they have protested so many times already. Listen to their hearts because they don’t want the worst to come after them and the staff. They love the school and so do we. Us students would do anything to make these things subside even if we tried. Be a leader and not let schools more and more of these cuts. If you were still young and in a public school, what would you do? 

Help stop the budget cuts or just continue to make it a big issue. If I were you, I would bring on a fresh face and and make this brand new to people because they have a life and their life depends on teaching and helping the schools. Schools also wouldn’t be safe without most of these adults there because, who else other than family, are we going to learn from. Make a smart move and move forward. Give back the things taken away, and again, make a smart move.  That‘s all we ask of you. We all don’t like the idea but if you still want to go along with your idea, it wouldn’t be the same as now, it will be different. This is much respected and it is to support the students who are fighting for the same cause. Take a stand and join with us while our chance is slowing drifting away. This is my protest again school budget cuts.