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This is my slide that represents how I see myself. My original idea for this slide was to create a symmetrical image with high contrast. I wanted to make a digital image of myself for the slide but I ran out of time. The image in the background is of a bridge that I crossed in costa rica. The bridge represents my fears and my goals. The bridge itself is one of my fears, when I was crossing it i was terrified of looking at the ground, but I kept going and overcame that fear. My goals are represented by the other side. The bridge is a metaphor for how i “walk” through life, there will be challenges but i will overcome them to reach my goals. I split the image in half the create symmetry and to represent that i have two sides. The side I show around my friends and the side I am when alone.  I also used lines in the bars of the bridge, I wanted them to add depth and stand out in the picture. I wanted to give the viewer the idea of how tall the bridge is by showing the large mountains in the background, this really gave my image a distinct shape and form. Another element I wanted to focus on was contrast. I used a black line to separate the two sides so that it would contrast with the white lettering. I also gave the image a slight red tint so that it would contrast against the green leaves. I wanted the background to be lighter than the foreground to give the image more depth. In the center of the image there is the light from the sun hitting the middle of the bridge. This sudden empty color draws viewers eyes to the center. I wanted the hue of the leaves to stand out more than the value of the green in the bridge. I tried to make the colors as vivid and intense as possible to keep the viewer occupied. I tried to have an ombre/gradient from the front of the image to the back. These aspects gave my image balance and made it memorable. I chose this quote to represent my unsureness. This quote is obviously not amazing and a little cheesy, but I liked its flaws. I am not sure who I am yet, I still have a lot of self discovery to do in my life and I don’t feel the need to know my purpose at the age of 14. So this quote sums up my views on myself and how others see me.
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.36.18 AM
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 9.36.18 AM

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Cristina Valenzo (Student 2020)
Cristina Valenzo

In your slide the symmetry is very visible and it brings your entire slide together. However, the color you chose for your words is not pleasing to yours slide, you can't really read your words at all. I feel if you choose a different color for the words and bring them closer together it will really make a difference.