In technology we’ve been focusing a lot on media technology and how it influences our culture today. The slide that I’m presenting describes me!! We’ve also been talking about how to catch someones eye using different types of media, like powerpoint or video.


I made my slide look the way that it did, because it reflects my personality who I am as a person. The slide is purple, because purple is my favorite color. What influenced the pictures on my slide is the activity’s, and friends I’ve made for most of my life. I also included things that interest me during the winter seasons, thats why I included the picture of a steaming cup of coco. The picture of the green frog represents cut the rope a game I’m fond of. Another item I added was a smily face. I added this, because I’m always happy and feel as though happiness is the key to everything. I added my friends,  because they make my day everyday when I come to school and i love and appreciate what they do for me. This is my slide, this is me.


I took all of my pictures off, and the border, I made my name bigger and arranged my pictures around my name like an arch. I changed my slide, because it to crowded and disorganized.


Tech powerpoint
Tech powerpoint