My slide- Samera Baksh

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 I made the slide this way because I didn't want any pictures. All I wanted was a plain colored background. I wanted my quote to stand out the most. I wanted my slide to explain about who I am. My slide explains about how I am different from others, to be honest I am okay with that difference. In just a few words my slide explains who I am.  I chose the colors blue and white because personally I really like that combination. I wanted the words to be bold so everyone could know.

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Simone Cruice-Barnett (Student 2020)
Simone Cruice-Barnett

I think that the simplicity is unique to everyone else's and you stuck to a color scheme. However, I think you should have placed your name somewhere else a d had a transparent box around it because it's very distracting.

Assirem Hosni (Student 2020)
Assirem Hosni

Something different I saw yours that isn't shown much on others is the harmony of the colors. the background being blue and the white on top contrasting from it. Although something that is a little disturbing is the box that your name is in. It is pushed too much to the right-hand side of the slide. I believe you should either remove the box or center in the middle so it is also a main focus on the slide.