My Slide Remix

All about me slide  (1)
In my critique, I learned that I need to make my slide more cohesive. I also learned that my slide would be a lot better if the colors were more focused. I changed my slide to a color cohesive color palette of black and blue. I kept my name exciting but made it more simple as I only used two colors. I kept my leg symbol as it fit with my color scheme, but took out the flower as it didn’t go with the overall vibe of the slide. The new flower I added was all black and a very simple drawing, with kept it matching with the other designs. I made sure all my drawings were transparent so that they didn’t have a background that would take the focus off of the important parts of the slide.
A problem I had with my other slide was the font. The fonts didn’t go together and didn’t make sense with the theme. This time I kept the font very simple and clean. I changed the quote I used because I thought that this one - that comes from Frida Kahlo - would work better and also look better on the slide. I used shadowing with my title, to keep it interesting and create a 3D effect to make the slide look less flat.
My research told me that less is more. I tried to convey that by keeping my slide within only 2 colors and just having a white background. My research also told me to use a color palette. I choose black and blue because they are a classic pair, I made the background white to help the colors pop. The sources were presentation zen and They both said to keep the focus on the important parts of the slide, which I tried to do.