My strength in clubs/sports

Kayla Kelly                                                                                                                             9/18/18 My strength in clubs/sports

Hi I am Kayla, I am a sophomore at SLA, I am in CTE engineering, which is good, but not my only interest, and didn’t start out as I want to go in to this interest just because, because I wanted to know what it was about, then I go further. And when I am interested in something I never let go , I won't automatically say I want to quit, I say I want to go the extra mile, but if I actually do have to quit, I quit. When I am doing things I stop and try to talk to myself will I be harming myself and /or someone, what am I doing, by listening and looking, very carefully.

Curiosity killed the robot's engineer

One of my strengths is how curious I am, when I look at an interest I could have, I step in the water slowly, not all at once. If I go in all at once I will not know what to do, if I don’t like it I'd be doing something I don’t like it, I can’t go back I am to deep in to it, and I could possibly hurt someone, emotionally, or maybe myself physically. But when I am curious, I think about it theoretically , I also try talking to people about how it is, there experience doing it, I also test it so I am sure I will not hurt people, cause I do not want to hurt people in any way. I am doing a full marathon in november, I didn’t just say I am going to do it right now, I thought about it, I asked about it, and I tested out how physically fit I am, so I will not hurt myself. And when I am curious about something I do not drop it, I am always researching it , and figuring it out, I go all the way most times, if I am not stopped by anything, then I stop if I absolutely have to, to get better, or better at it.

I am not determined, said no best runner ever

I am Determined, when I do something I just don’t quit, I move on, and I just keep moving.And when someone is determined they are not the pretenders as a person who was in the olympics and works for vanguard said that his coach,” rain brings out the pretender’s, the ones who are like oh it raining we can’t run, oh I my ankles hurt , can’t run, my legs hurt everyday running I can’t run,s therefore you're all not pretenders, the ones who attended this race” because rain and pain won’t kill you, in fact it makes us stronger as runners, heck I ran 13 in the rain, while my legs and stomach (side stitches, really bad cramp on the side of you stomach)hurted, I ran though ¾ of a mile, through with bad stitches and they only got bader every time I got faster, so I kept going faster, because I was right there at the finish line, for 10 miles.But determination does reign in sport/activities area, but we don’t think that much over other stuff such as school work, work, clubs, etc. when in a club, the pretenders, it boring it's not fun, it will never ever be fun, but the people who attend there every single day even if it is boring now, or whatever, are the determined people, because if they can’t do this then they first of don’t deserve it , secondly they can’t improve if they aren't there or engaged, and they can learn from what ever happened before , like practice, like work, in practice you/body, don’t know where you pain will be to ice it and then help it grow stronger, work you didn’t do it how will you know what to do when you go back, it will be like as if your sick and didn’t know what was happening, which is weird.when I am determined in something I say my motto, don’t stop now, keep moving,when you stop now in anything it will be harder when you get back to it, like walks if you run , then walk to much your body feels like it needs to have more walk than what you want to have, or in home work you skip you won’t ever don’t know what is going on in the next one, then the next one and so on ,and you feel like not doing more then you or maybe your teacher wants to. You also need to be aware when in doing this, make sure your not too determined and break someone, something, or your self.

Last year philadelphia full marathon, Jeremy Spry, Camil, Charles, jermey 9th (I belive) camils 2nd, and charles 1st.

Observant ones get things done in anything

I am observant too, when in a place, I observe my surround to know where I am and here to go just in case for next time. I I try to use all my senses (unless I have allergies happening and stuff)  to know my surrounding, like if something will happen such as my brother breaking thing, or my dog breaking things.But I also observe from an theropedic/phycologic view, I’ll look at a person's behavior ( little experience in this, mom has depression, me and my dad has mild anxiety, and my brother has a bunch of stuff that I kind of don’t feel like talking about now) if someone skips class many times I either know they have severe anxiety or they are bad at school.Being observant is very important for everything, making sure you have all the notes in class, making sure you not going to make anyone upset either mad or sad, making sure you dog  isn’t chewing on something she can’t have and so she won’t go to the hospital and you have to spend a thousand dollar medical bill for surgerys that pretty much do on humans and cost way less than a thousand.But anyway we all need this ability for pretty much anything, which most people have it high or low amount, we all have it, but having have high mean your very careful which is very amazing and very good, if your caful on doing/saying thing with friend then you're observant in their lives,and if your car in places or situation your observant.

My strength can help me in working because when I am curious I find thing they probably aren't supposed to be there, such ase blowing up LED lights.when I am determined I don’t stop working i want to work after when we are supposed to leave,(with an adult). And when I am observant, well observant is like a catalyst for curiosity, when I am Observant I can find out whether something is going to blow before it does, saving money so some of these are saving techniques too.