My You and the World Project - Teen Pregnancy

Hello, My name is Brittany Cooper. I am 15 years old, and attends Science Leadership Academy in downtown.  This year My English 1 class and I are doing a you and the You and the World Project. This project is about making a change/difference in the world to better yourself and others.

My You and The World Project is on teen pregnancy. I choose this as my topic because this a “trend” in teens.  All over the world more and more “ Babies are having babies.” Meaning underage kids are having kids. This is an important topic to be aware of because there are so many ways to prevent pregnancy.

The emotions  of a pregnant teen . (Pain, Regret, Worry, Dread, Anxiety, Dishonor, Embarrassment, Fear, Apprehension, Hesitation, Humiliation, Shame)

More teens now than ever teens are dropping out of high school mainly because of teens getting pregnant. Graduations rates of students that get pregnant are liable to increase because of the increase in population in teens do to having children. By making the decision to have sexual activity you must know the precautions and consequences that follow up.

Pregnancy is something that can be prevented. There are many ways to prevent teen pregnancy, here are the following ways:
1. Abstinence
2. Condom
3. Hormonal
4. Barrier
All of these are ways to prevent pregnancy. Did you know that 3 out of 10 teens girls will get pregnant before the age of 20.  

While research my topic I came  across an article. This article is about teen pregnancy rate in Pennsylvania. I’m using this article because it is very helpful to my topic. Philadelphia has the high teen pregnancy rate in Pennsylvania. There are about 389,000 teens in Philadelphia and about 24,470 teens that gave birth.

Teen pregnancy is something that should be talked about. You have to understand If you have any questions about sex talk about it. It is extremely important that you educate your children about sex education. For they need to understand with action there is a reaction.
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