Myrna Yousuf Capstone

The purpose of this capstone was to represent the people of SLA. I wanted to show how our school has a diverse population and that everyone is different. I also wanted an image of what SLA looks like because we cannot be defined by one thing. Our school has so many people with different stories, ideas, and thoughts. I submitted my capstone proposal with my idea and got it approved and had my Mentor Ms. Giknis help me plan out what I should be doing. I collaborated with my partner Avery to get started on this project.

I decided to tell the stories of people through photos and words attached to them on a Facebook and Instagram page. Throughout the school year I worked with my partner Avery to create these posts on our social media page. Then I decided to represent each grade at SLA through an interview podcast series as my own individual product. Each interview is with a student in each grade and they share their views and experience at SLA.