Myth Project


            Part of the year the class focused a little bit on Greek mythology. A project we had to do was pick a God, Goddess of Nymph and write about a myth that they were in. We had to create a poster as well, I chose the character Persephone. Here is the written part of the project. 

                               The Fabulous Myth of the Goddess Persephone

            The name of the Goddess/character I am writing about is Persephone. When Persephone was younger they would call her kore, which means the maiden. She is the Goddess of the Underworld. Her husband who is the king of the Underworld is keeping her prisoner. His name is Hades one of the three brothers, Zeus and Poseidon. In this myth Persephone makes a mistake and ends up in the Underworld with Hades. Before she is allowed to leave she is tricked and eats 7 pomegranate seeds. The epithet for Persephone is an innocent child, because she was clueless on what to do and was tricked into eating the pomegranate seeds.

            Some people used to say she looked like an innocent child. This shows how much she didn’t know about the flower she picked and how clueless Hades thought she was. This is a symbol of a beautiful young girl. When I think of this symbol I think of a child. Some symbol having to do with the myth is pomegranates.  Because she ate the pomegranate seeds and therefore had to stay in the Underworld. Another symbol might be flowers and nature because she is the Goddess of spring.

            Persephone is related to Hades, Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter and many other Gods, Goddesses and Demigods because of her relation to Hades, Zeus and Poseidon. Her mother is Demeter Goddess of grain and fertility basically harvest. Hades is the God of the Underworld and all of the souls. Her father is Zeus, brother of Hades. So Persephone is married to her uncle.

            Once upon a time a beautiful goddess named Persephone went into the meadow and started to pick flowers. Her eye spotted the most amazingly wonderful looking flower she had ever seen. When she picked it Hades came and took her down to the Underworld. Her mother Demeter was devastated, and didn’t think her daughter could ever come back. Demeter persuaded Zeus to make Hades let Persephone go. All the time this was happening Persephone did not eat anything. But Persephone ate 7 pomegranate seeds. As a result of this she had to stay in the underworld 7 months out of a year. Meanwhile Demeter is so sad the earth becomes cold and barren. When Persephone is in the Underworld the season is winter. When she has her allowed time away from the Underworld it is spring.

            Persephone absolutely hates her husband Hades because he is sort of keeping her hostage. She wants to be on earth and she also wants to be happy with her mother and friends. Persephone is from Greece originally. Persephone as portrayed in Rome is Proserpina.

            This myth is very important because it explains why we have the seasons winter and spring. When Persephone is away it is barren and cold because her mother is very sad. If you look closely at the myth you can see that it is a chain reaction as to why some things in the end up the way they are today. Each myth is basically a reason why the earth and the way we do things are today. This myth can be put into modern day text or play form. Some creep abducted Persephone a beautiful teenager. She was scared and she didn’t want to be there. She refused to eat anything she just wanted to go home. Then she eats something and is forced to stay with the creep for 7 months out of the year. The mother is so upset her feelings affect the people and the things around her. Therefore this myth and some how all myths can relate to modern day times or explain why things are the way they are today.




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