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I started my project wanting to help people be as excited for prom as I was. I did not want financial issues to stand in the way for anyone. Having the perfect dress is important to most girls, knowing how expensive dresses can be I wanted to find a way to ease that burden. I planned to collect formal dresses that people no longer wanted and were in very good condition. I would re-sell them for a much lower price, between $15 and $35 depending on the length and type of dress.

It was a slow start, it took me announcing it in classes and a few posts in the Advisory Memos to get the ball rolling. Once dresses were being donated, I created a website to display the dresses. I wanted everybody to be comfortable throughout the process. If someone wanted to donate anonymously they were able to do so. The website also enabled people to purchase the dresses anonymously.

I was able to achieve my part in offering this service to the SLA community. I think the timing of the start of my collection could have been better. I started too close to the dates of prom, by the time I had enough dresses to put up for sale many people had already purchased their dresses. I am keeping the dresses at school in hopes that next year someone will be able to use the basics I laid out and improve this project.

Annotated Bibliography

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Sola, Katie. "Please Say Yes: The Average Promposal Now Costs $324." The Huffington Post., 20 Apr. 2015. Web. 04 Feb. 2016. <>. Adding onto the average price of $1,059 you can add another $324 dollars onto that cost. That gives you a total of $1,383. This is a reliable source because the author has clearly done the research it needs to have the facts it is reporting on. I learned, from this source, that prom itself has a cost and it is usually more for females than males but in this instance it is the male that is spending an extra $350 to solly get a date to prom. These roles can obviously be reversed and be between the same sex, it is the fact that people are yet again adding another expense to an event that already cost near if not over $1,000.