Natalie Sanchez Capstone 2012

Student Name: Natalie Sanchez

Mentor Name: Melanie Manuel

Summary of project: For my project, I ran a school supply drive at school; the proceeds went to a church community in Honduras. 

Abstract: My project consisted of running a school supply drive at SLA. One of my church members had already begun this fundraiser at my church, and I continued it at school to help the cause. This project is extremely important to me because the church that the supplies are going to be shipped to has been affiliated with my church for many years. My process consisted of mapping out my due dates and planning on time, getting some cardboard boxes from my father, placing them in the school hallways, advertising my project via flyers, SLA advisory news, and SLA talk, counting/keeping record of inventory, and finally handing the supplies to my in church mentor/contact. Through the research I conducted regarding Honduras’ education system and economy, I learned how fortunate I am to be a student in the U.S. I also learned how to run a successful fundraiser.