2014 National Day Of Writing

When you hear the word "Philadelphia", some people seem to get mixed reactions about it. Whether its about the cheesesteak, rocky, the declaration of independence, or even the most ignorant responses, such as “Isn’t that a Detroit-like city?” Trust me, Philly is nothing like Detroit. AT ALL. How do I know? Our Basketball Team Is named after a historical Reference, not a car part. Anyway, I'm from a small nook of what was Upper South Philly, Now seen as part of Center City, on the near outskirts. My Neighborhood Is Centered with Broad Street to the east, Washington Avenue to the South, Grays Ferry Avenue to the West, And South Street to the north. That area Is Called Southwest Center City. Prepared to go on a trip in time.

I moved into SW Center City When I was 2. in June Of 2000, onto a side street. At the Time, there was seven empty lots. 14 years later, the seven lots are now new houses. All of my neighbors were nice, for the most part. They were mostly white (I never had an issue with it). However, I had a better time at my great-grandmother's Apartment building. Her Place is off of Pennsylvania Avenue In Fairmount. Right Across the way from the Art Museum and a couple blocks from Eakin’s Oval And the Parkway. In Recent Years, that area has become the place to be. I love it any would never give it up. But Between both of these communities, they're equally home, even though most of the time im up in Fairmount. Thats another majority white area. Most of the time I dont seem to worry about demographics, but they don't matter, as long as you’re genuine, then we’ll be just fine. Besides, Philly Raised and Made Me.