2014 National Day of Writing

Philly is LOVE Park..home of the most beLOVED actors, rappers, artists..

It is a place that is not usually seen for what it is by it’s own community unless we are in the spotlight, which we usually are...for good or bad.

To know Philly is to love Philly, cheesesteaks, South Street, Penns Landing.. is usually where our “magic” happens. We are THE most dedicated fans to our sports teams. The Eagles, Phillies and The Sixers. We look forward to our free coffee after a good win.

Philly is where you’ll hear the most slang used for the simplest things, but we have to add our own kick to everything.

Philly is SEPTA. Like it or not, from The Frankford EL Train to the Broad Street Line Subway. It’s how most of us get around.

Yes, we have our bad reputations from gun violence to a crappy school district but we shut Center City down in a heartbeat because we are passionate about what we deserve.

People still come from all over to observe the famous Art Museum and watch us shut it down for Made In America or Fourth of July at The Ben Franklin Parkway. We know how to throw parties big time!

To know Philly is to love Philly. Philly is home and home is where the heart is.