2014 National Day of Writing

You say coffee, we say ‘cawfee’. You call it a sub, we call it a hoagie. You say “water” we say “wooder”. “Hey! Get that jawn for me over there? No the other jawn”. The thing is, you really can’t experience or understand real “Philly” unless you’ve lived here yourself. Outsiders may be alarmed at how different our lives are from their own. For example, It’s easy for Philadelphians to take SEPTA (public transportation) everywhere, or knowing where to get the best pizza in South Philly, and finding the nearest Wawa to demolish those certain cravings you have throughout the day. With all the social and historical events that went and goes on in the City of Brotherly love, Philadelphia is my home and I’m proud to live here.
All year round, Philly people are so hype whenever our sports teams are playing. Either watching it on live television, tailgating in the parking lot of the stadium, or actually having season tickets, we are the most proud fans and outshines any other fans. Whether we’re cheering for the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, or the Sixers, we go to the extreme and probably voted the best fans any sports team can ever have. When watching a Philly team on t.v with a Philly person, expect to have many snacks, loud voices at the television, and a lot of team spirit.
Historically, Philly is where it’s at. Having the Declarations of Independence signed, to the first post office and university. Greats like Benjamin Franklin resided in Philadelphia and made it a better place to live. We also have a bell, a very cool bell. The Liberty Bell in fact, basically symbolizes our city.

People have many misconceptions about Philly residences, but it’s hard to judge what you don’t know. Philadelphia is an amazing city and should be on everybody’s places to visit list one day in their lives. We love our city and you should too.