2014 National Day on Writing

What people need to know about the philadelphia community is that it is incredibly diverse. We have west philly, north philly, northeast philly, south west philly, and Center City. Depending on what part of philly your are from your views and opinions can be radically different. Many people deep in west philly know of “the struggle.” They have faced various hardships such as discrimination and hate within the community. However there is also good in community. Within west philly there are many community structures such as community gardens and Enterprise centers to help build small businesses.

People also need to know that Philadelphia is in a bit of crisis. Studies have shown that the Philadelphia School district is subpar compared to districts elsewhere. Furthermore we have an astounding crime rate. Slowly however but surely we are set for improvement and growth. Recently a police station has moved into my neighborhood and more stores and businesses have began to open up in my area. Don’t be surprised if you see articles chronicling Philadelphia as one of the cities with the highest improvement rate.

People need to know that the philly of today will only become better tomorrow. Elections are coming up soon, new buildings are being erected, businesses are being opened. This is the recipe for success which attracts the best, the brightest, and the happiest from all over the globe.