2014 National Day on Writing

The block that I live on is very diverse and if I were to give it a label, I would label as a melting pot. I love the city of Philadelphia because it’s home and it’s where I was born. Most of my family lives in Philadelphia and the family members that do not live in Philly, live in close proximity to Philadelphia. The images of Philly that are shown on the news are not a full representation of the city. They only show the city through one lense and that is not the lense that I see my city through. The city of Philadelphia should be known for the great colleges that are located here and the history that this city possesses. Furthermore, Philly use to house the White House and most people don’t even know that. Philly is a place for anyone who wants to be a blue collar citizen or wants to be around them. All are welcome in the city of Brotherly Love and Sistely affection.