2014 National Writing Day

For me Philadelphia is almost impossible to describe. It’s been my home for so long that every aspect of the city seems perfectly normal. My best description would be that Philadelphia is a home to an old style quietly breaking down new ideas and innovations. When you look down the schuylkill river trail you see a  completely new design than it was a few years ago. Having lived in Philly almost all my life most of the changes feel like they’ve always been there. The new South Street bridge at first felt like a huge jump from the older version but now I have forgotten what the old bridge had looked like. Places like the Franklin Institute and the Barnes Foundation are always incredible to visit no matter how many times I walk through. For me, Philadelphia feels like the city whose map will always be etched in my brain. For me locations such as the Art Museum and Liberty Place have never been very special compared to locations such as the Central Library, Trader Joes, and Fitler Square. My sister expressed an interest to leave Philly the second she was looking at colleges. She isn’t alone in that belief, many of my friends have also expressed numerous times that they want to leave as soon as possible. I can understand why but I could never see myself doing the same. Philly a place that is so diverse and interesting it’s really about who you are that defines what Philly is for you.