Negative Space

  In this unit, we learned about negative space. For our final project,we had a picture and we were to recreate the whole picture and use negative space.

      Negative space, as I learned this unit, is the space around the subject of a picture,painting, or basically, any kind of artwork. 

 In my cut out, I found that my my subject was a tree. I was then able to find that everything surrounding the tree and the space in between the holes of the tree was the negative space. Because of the negative space, I saw how defined the tree was and that helped me figure out where pieces belonged in order to bring the whole picture together.

  When seeing negative space, you get to truly see the subject. You get to notice the details and see how defined the artwork is.

   Negative space is very useful! It brings your whole piece together. It allows spectators to focus on the subject and not anything else. Negative space makes the piece beautiful.

photo (6)
photo (6)